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high street kensington

I am having a total memory gap at the moment, I can’t remember where and when we ate on some days so I’m just throwing everything in here. Morning started with the pistachio and chocolate […]

london calling

^Trafalgar square under renovation It was quite chilly in London at the end of October. And there were renovations being done around the city, particularly Trafalgar square. First order of business was picking up the […]

Trattoria Ristorante Spumante

  One of the more charming districts in Vienna I don’t get to explore as often as the first is Gersthof, the 18th. It has a lot of little stores selling trinkets and whatnots, it’s […]

Thank God it’s Friday – on a Thursday…

  No winter is complete without experiencing Vienna’s biggest iceskating rink! As long as we have our thermo-gloves on, we’re good to go. The cityhall is filled with stalls selling treats, hot chocolate, coffee and […]

Homecooked Japanese Cuisine at Kuishimbo

  Winter finally manifested itself in our region…though it depends on the person wanting to view it as fortunate or otherwise. We have had an inch of snow for a 3-day downpour…and as they say […]

Traditional Bolognese Fare at Ristorante Nicola

Walking in Bologna was like visiting the past and seeing present Italy in a whole new light. It is home to the oldest university in the world, the University of Bologna, which was founded in […]