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Tuna, is that really tuna?

  Tuna and Butterfish sashimi   This is the color of tuna I’m used to eating, a hint of pink to red. I would have preferred it pink marbling with white (fat) though. I cannot be sure if this is yellowfin (ahi), big-eye or bluefin (surely not bluefin as this is hardy in the market Read More

Seafood Paella

I am looking forward to spring…true, sans the allergies of course, I’m waiting for the buds and all the glorious flowers to bloom. Every year, tulips and crocuses are the firsts to bud up at the side streets, competing well with my favorite flowers, sakura (cherry blossoms). The kids were also on the lookout…on our Read More


One of my favorite fruits of the sea…I have loved crabs eversince I was a child. Well its not a common feature in our table, but when we do, we always get them fresh, straight from their saltwater habitat, sometimes most of them trying to pinch the hands of whoever wants to take them out Read More