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Frozen Yogurt all Summer!

Frozen Yogurt all Summer!


This year’s summer definitely came so late and was spent too short! Gone just like that and spent with rains too. On those days when it really gets hot – which I don’t complain about really, I try to get me some frozen yogurt. Shops selling them sprouted like mushrooms in a span of 3 years and even ice cream parlors and gelateria offer them too. There are two shops I frequent though.

What I like about frozen yogurts/froyo is that they go well with fruit flavors. I’m not so certain about what they say about froyos – I’m sure yogurt as is is healthy and when food is taken in moderation, it’s alright. So here are some of the frozen yogurt I had – some  I forgot to take photos of, others I can’t find the photos of. ^_^

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Healthy options from McDonald’s

Yes, it’s muesli with yogurt and fruits for breakfast. Just what I need after finishing workout at 11 in the morning! Read More