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It’s the season of ruby cherries once again. I have stressed that I particularly like cherry flowers when spring arrives. That particular types only blooms and its only duty is to be beautiful. So I do not know how the blossoms of fruiting cherries appear to be but I am quite sure the tree itself Read More

Fruits – Food Friday

Preparing and picking which food for the kids to take to school isn’t easy at times… especially during winter. But now that spring is up fresh fruits are the best choices I have. The kids love them too… What’s not there to like? If possible I’d just eat fruits all the time lol. What’s your Read More

Crema de Fruta – Ruby Tuesday

How do you make gelatine more interesting and attractive? – Make Crema de Fruta. Sponge cake, custard layer, fruits and gelo are what you need. – Normally, colorless gelatine would do, but red makes it all the more attractive. – My first fond memories of this treat were days spend with my  fave Ninang, she loves Read More