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Babida – Delicious Korean Cuisine in the Heart of Vienna Babida - Delicious Korean Cuisine in the Heart of Vienna #Babida #BabidaVienna #BabidaWien #Korean

The Hallyu (Korean wave) that swept many cities the past years not only brought about the fame of Korean culture, K-dramas, and K-pop, it brought along the popularity of Korean cuisine, too. We used to […]

All You Can Eat Fresh Vietnamese Fare at Chap In

  My love for Vietnamese food has grown so much through the years, there’s not a week that I don’t eat a Gỏi cuốn (summer roll), Chả giò or Nem rán (fried spring roll), or a simple mango salad […]

Matcha Komachi, A Small But Diverse Foodie Shop

It’s supposed to be a sunny spring afternoon, but as April would have it…there was some rain, gray skies and quite cold winds for this time of the year. It does happen often in April, […]

Yori – Fine Korean Dining and Karaoke

“Just because I can’t sing, doesn’t mean I won’t sing.” – My mantra since I have friends who can really belt out high notes and can manage to cover new hits without so much a sweat. Now, […]

Bodeguita El Pulpo: A Bit of Spanish Food Experience

On a rainy and cold day, nothing’s better than having a warm bowl of soup and a good book for company…that, or you could fly off to sunny Spain to temporarily escape the wintry feel […]

Portobello Market

London has a lot of busy markets that locals and tourists both enjoy. Not just the food; the souvenirs and the trinkets that are sprawled all around the area make it a treasure trove of […]