Month: April 2013

Lindt Hello Chocolates

I’ve been seeing these dark-clad chocolate Lindt boxes for some time now, and every time too when I go shop for our regular fare. I haven’t been buying them although they seem as though shouting […]

Gone Greek

  The top three countries on my list to explore would be Japan, Greece and England. Yes, I’m a self-proclaimed Japanophile, Grecophile and Anglophile. ^_^ And although we plan on visiting London come summer, I am […]

Vietnamese Fare

  It was a lovely day to explore the city. Spring weather just perfect, kids have until 1 PM at school – so there’s 3-4 hours of spare time. Well, I wouldn’t really call it […]

Toblerone repackaged

Toblerone seems to be testing a new way to pack its usual prism shaped chocolates we’ve loved since as far back as we can remember. A closer look, they would appear to be Toblerone Tobelle but […]

The 10 Best Food Trucks in the United States

  Buying food from a playfully decorated van with a pop-up service window on the side of the road has become quite popular. Food trucks are popping up everywhere and chefs that are leery of […]