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Attack, Cruise, Consolidation, Stabilisation

Dukan diet: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation, Stabilisation

  The Dukan diet weight loss plan is a two year old online phenomenon that is made up out of several easy-to-follow concepts. The creator, Pierre Dukan, has been working as a nutritionist for over thirty years and is the author of 19 books published throughout his career. One of the most interactive and personal …

Profitable Beer Has a Unique Appealing Flavor

Profitable Beer Has a Unique Appealing Flavor

Wine tasting events have drawn crowds for years. Now it’s time for beer to start gaining more attention from event organizers and sponsors, people who have the skill and experience to generate significant word-of-mouth marketing for beer tasting events. But, first people who make beer, particularly people who make homemade beers, may need to put …