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Kudos Mäccy!

Yes, you read it right, McDonald’s (Mäccy as my kids call it) shed off its red color (I don’t know if permanently) and turned green, not just because they want to but because of a mission…be environmentally friendly. I had long written a draft about how they waste so much pieces of paper and whatnots …

Wharfside Seafood Grille
Canadian Travel and Food

Wharfside Seafood Grille

^View from the upper deck of Wharfside Seafood Grille and entrance It was a lovely morning in Victoria B.C. and we went about the gardens, sightseeing at the port and taking photos. It is to be expected to dine at one of the cozy restaurants there after all those walking. We decided to dine at Wharfside …

Cheesecake Desserts

Raspberry Cheesecake

Can’t resist sweets no matter how much I stay away. 🙂 Want some? Guess where I got this slice? You won’t believe it’s from McCafe. 😉 We live near one and whenever I crave for something sweet I just walk my way there or take the bus — two stops. I prefer walking though especially …

Ice cream

Magnum Gold?!

Another Magnum entry, you might say. Well, yes, I haven’t featured the Magnum variations in this region yet and this is, I think, just the 3rd post, not even half of them. So this is Magnum Gold?! (question mark and exclamation point included), a slice of heaven in  Madagascan vanilla ice cream with undertones of seasalt …

Japanese Noodles

Yasai Noodle soup

Yasai is the Japanese word for vegetables and this is what I ordered last time hubby had a craving for noodles. As usual I ordered online and paid via paypal. (Talk about convenience.) In half an hour, hubby was happily eating this noodle on soup with vegetables and tofu. This is one of the healthier …