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Best New Chocolate 2011

Ritter Sport chocolate variations are some of my favorite sweets…I just love the smoothness of each that I could finish all 16 blocks in one sitting. ^_^ I like the simple Vollmilch and Alpenmilch most. A regular Ritter bar is quite small compared to others I buy so when I saw the Special edition Goldschatz (gold …


Starbucks with Dawty

I had a rather yummy date with my daughter some months ago at an unlikely Starbucks restaurant. At the hospital…She had her arm checked, after having a bike accident one Saturday. It’s very seldom we go out with only the two of us so we enjoyed bonding over some sweets. She had a choco pop …

Cupcakes Desserts

McCafe’s Yummy Cupcakes

I miss joining Foodtrip Friday…here’s my comeback entry for the meme. McCafe introduced this year 4 cupcake selection that the kids and I love. If blackforest cherrycake, caramel cheesecake or tiramisu are sold out we settle for these yummy treats. Unlike the usual cupcakes around, these are softer, like chiffon and doesn’t  break apart…To choose …

Checking Czech Cuisine
Czech Featured Travel and Food

Checking Czech Cuisine

Just behind the big St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague is a beautiful Royal Garden where bridal shoots could be an everyday sight.  There was one when we went by. There’s also a small homey restaurant that doubles as a cafê  by the entrance. Since the kids were a bit tired walking, mom-in-law suggested that we …