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S’baggers – Let the Food Slide Down
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S’baggers – Let the Food Slide Down

One of the cities I first set foot on in Europe is Nuremberg/Nürnberg. Thanks to my mother-in-law who  lives in Fürth, visiting her would also mean being able to walk around this historical Bavarian state. Thanks to her too, we were treated to this yummy lunch out during our recent visit. S’Baggers is one of …



Hi! We’re back from vacation. 🙂 Hello 3 kilos more! lol. We spent a whole week with mom-in-law in Fürth and I can’t help but eat…ruined my diet really. I lost 6 kilos in the past month but 3 got back in 5 days lol. She cooks so good by the way…I got an excuse …


Japanese Yummy treats

I love chocolates. I think we all do and if there are those who don’t, maybe they’d count 1/8 of the 1/8 of the 4th of the world’s population. Ahhh I really don’t know – anyway, I’m not talking about them mainly…I’m sharing these yummy Japanese treats…I think I’ve stressed enough how much I love …