Breakfast selection

If my kids are to choose what breakfast to have everyday, they’d definitely go for doughnuts and croissants. The Kaisersemmel/Kaiser roll, Vienna’s own, only falls third to the American and French pastry in their list. Of course, they won’t say no to cupcakes and muffins too. It’s heartbreaking that in this part of the world there are Read More

Sunday Sundae!

Who can say no to caramel Sundaes, mini sundaes with smarties  on a Sunday? Well, you’re missing a fourth of your life…well maybe half of that….still you’re missing a lot. Happy Sundae! Read More


Long overdue post…still from last winter, but a rather odd winter day…early in February when the weather should be around 0° and lower, we got about 18° — the sun was really high up which sent the ice skating rink melting…Nevertheless, the kids still had fun on the ice and after an hour or two Read More

Ube Dume (sic) (Purple Dirty)

I reintroduced my two older kids to the red bee 2 years ago. It was my youngest’s first time to meet him and needless to say, they god hooked. My brother, then single would almost always give in to their request to visit the bee. This is one of those many meetings with him.  Kids Read More

More Cheesecakes and Macarons

That’s how addicted I could get…especially if I have to finish work and I haven’t had breakfast yet… This is the “normal” cheesecake – soft and chewy, very subtle and heavenly at the same time. The macarons? Need I say more? You do know that I’ll bake them had I the time, and that’s rare Read More


School is over — for now. It means thinking of what to put in the kids’ lunch boxes is also over. 🙂 Since school is only until 12 noon or 1 pm I would put in light snacks but make sure that they’ve eaten heavy breakfast. They used to go to an after-school institution where Read More

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