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food friday


Gugelhupf is the predecessor of Bundt cakes…there’s a slight difference in the appearance of the two but both are distinct from other cakes for having a hole in the middle. Gugelhupf consists of a soft yeast dough which contains raisins, almonds and Kirschwasser cherry brandy. Some also contain candied fruits and nuts. Often we’d have …

Asian Japanese

Unagi Nigiri

When I started foodblogging, there were a very few blogs that I hop to. Four of them were Japanese and of course there’s Oggi’s awesome food blog. Two of the Jap foodblogs are still on the run and I’d drop by once in a while to see what’s new. Obachan’s kitchen and balcony, now called Still …

Asian food friday

Thai curry and wild rice

— The sun has been shining on our part! Hurray! So along with the sunshine comes a dish from the land of smiles…yellow curry chicken served on wild rice…. I’m a bit sleepy so I’ll elaborate later… 😉 — —