Chai and Cino

Had a glass of Iced Chai Latte earlier…well, where else but at the nearest McCafe, situated just a few minutes from our place. I was actually killing time then, it was lunchtime and it’s Thursday…piano day for the little girl. I pick the kids earlier on Thursdays so as not to be late for the Read More


Flour is perhaps one of the most important food component around the world. To many countries in Europe, North America, Middle East and North Africa, it is the defining ingredient in most of their different breads and pastries. Years ago, I’ve known flour in those forms (read: I don’t know how to bake so I Read More


— I was out the other day, it’s not yet that spring feeling I’ve been waiting for but this weather is the most comfortable this week. On my way to meeting a friend, I happened to walk by a chinese streetjoint serving noodles, rice and toppings  plus maki and sushi.  And the salmon maki would Read More

Seafood Paella

I am looking forward to spring…true, sans the allergies of course, I’m waiting for the buds and all the glorious flowers to bloom. Every year, tulips and crocuses are the firsts to bud up at the side streets, competing well with my favorite flowers, sakura (cherry blossoms). The kids were also on the lookout…on our Read More

“Greeny Onion Bagel”

If there is one thing raw that I can’t eat, it would be onions. 😛 The pungent smell adds to how the onion tastes…perhaps when I eat it while holding my nose it would taste different. 😀 I do know though that onion and garlic are quite beneficial for a number of reasons. They help Read More

Teppanyaki @ home

Last Sunday I was scavenging our fridge for anything to grill. The hubby had a sudden craving for teppanyaki…Good thing there was enough, I found salmon fillets, shrimp, baby octopus, paprika and other veggies. I also had some noodles to go with it. Good enough I say, well more than good actually…we love seafood and Read More