Month: February 2010

Guacamole and Chips

— My youngest kid likes munching on chips. He got that from his dad. He doesn’t prefer a certain brand, as long as it’s chips he’ll munch it (lol). The dad loves paprika flavored chips […]

Green for Ruby Tuesday

Sometime last year I featured a buffet restaurant near our area that the kids and I often visit. It closed down months ago, probably affected by the perennial economic problem.  Maybe too, it’s  because of […]


— I said I’d be coming back to Yili, the prim resto that I visited awhile back that offers soups, wraps, salads and crepes. I went back yesterday along with the little boy. I asked […]

Herbed Halibut (Cafe World inspired!)

😉 So last post was Restaurant City inspired, this time it’s from Cafe World! This is a perfect dish for the kids, they love fish. I thought they might not like to have fish for […]

Chicha atbp

Do you recognize this pica pica? Right, cheese-covered-cornick! Guess where we were munching them? Ahmmm…. this is an almost overdue write up of that event, an exhibit of three Thomasian artists at the Shangri la […]