Katsudon (Tonkatsu Deep Fried Pork and Egg Bowl)

  Who doesn’t love breaded pork chops, Wiener Schnitzel or Tonkatsu? Whether served alone or with rice and ketchup, fries or greens. Here is an added twist popularized by the Japanese. A typical japanese sauce is added and the tonkatsu is topped with egg just after the sauce boils. Ingredients (for a serving) – Tonkatsu Read More

And everything Asian…

— It actually took me a week to finally write down this part. Gome 🙁 Embarassing as it may, I forgot the name of this precious little restaurant where everything nice is served. It’s like my feet would take me there when I crave for sushi or a salmon dish or when I don’t have Read More

Cha gio and everything asian

— — I will write more of this tomorrow. lol. 😀 Read More