It’s the season of ruby cherries once again. I have stressed that I particularly like cherry flowers when spring arrives. That particular types only blooms and its only duty is to be beautiful. So I do not know how the blossoms of fruiting cherries appear to be but I am quite sure the tree itself Read More

A Slice may be enough…or not

I am rekindling the love I had for avocado as a kid. Since there was a tree in our backyard, I would have them in abundant during the season. I would slice it in two, remove the seed, I scoop out the flesh and let it swim on milk. Hihi! The ones I buy though Read More

Thursday Food for Food Friday

Rot war die Farbe des Tages. (Red was the color of the day.) — — This is our class picture, yes, we only had a gentleman in our room (hihi)! Our (almost) 5 months German course ended today, sadly. Although the group will still be doing application and resume training for the remaining weeks of Read More

Cadbury Chocolate Cake….err brownie?

The kids asked for a cake earlier, so I obliged. My mistake that I didn’t check on the ingredients first, I only have 40 grams of cacao powder and I needed 70…(maybe I just misplaced the package somewhere but I didn’t look thoroughly). To make up for the lack of cacao I used cadbury chocolate Read More

Top it! – Lasang Pinoy Sundays

Parsley, this biennial herb has become hubby’s favorite ‘spice.’ He would top pasta with this, fish sauces too and yesterday a dish that looks like “totong” (sticky rice and mung beans) sans rice plus hotdogs. He didn’t divulge where he learned this from, but I bet from his boss! (They cook for 4 people at Read More

Hello Kitty Treats

Hello kitty; cuteness personified! Found this marshmallows from a nearby store…the kids weren’t the only ones enjoying them 😉 Join us in this meme: Read More

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