Thai Red Curry with Shrimps

Pollen allergies…How does that sound on a beautiful spring day? Well, the beautiful flowers we looked forward to seeing during winter are somehow bringer of allergies 🙁  Unfortunately, hubby and I got them…I have been absent from class most of the days because of this attack (as I fondly call it). Clogged nose, itchy eyes, Read More

Swirls and Twirls – Lasang Pinoy Sundays

Were my eyes playing blind? I thought the theme was “Twists!” that’s why I am posting Twister fries for this entry! 😀 I planned on baking some cupcakes and decorate them with really nice twist-y gumpastes but I do not have that free time to do so 🙁  I will try doing those next time Read More

Sotanghon – Food Friday

One of my favorite soup, Sotanghon, rice vermicelli in chicken broth with lots of garlic! I have fond memories of Sotanghon than I did with the traditional sopas which I also featured here sometime ago. Like other pancit recipes, I don’t know how to cook it…this is instant sotanghon in a cup! 😉 I took Read More

Pakwan – Ruby Tuesday

I’m sure you know what this is even if I do not translate the title in English :). —– How I hope we could have more of them every summer…better, throughout the year. I remember how as a kid, we grow them in abundance, come harvest time we ate to our hearts’ content. I know, Read More

Sweetness from Paris

(pardon the photos that were taken by my phone SE k770i) ————— In the German class that I am attending, there’s literally an only thorn among the roses, Nenad. It is a pleasure having him in the group, he is always in a good disposition with everyone, has a good sense of humor but most Read More

Fruits – Food Friday

Preparing and picking which food for the kids to take to school isn’t easy at times… especially during winter. But now that spring is up fresh fruits are the best choices I have. The kids love them too… What’s not there to like? If possible I’d just eat fruits all the time lol. What’s your Read More

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