Crema de Fruta – Ruby Tuesday

How do you make gelatine more interesting and attractive? – Make Crema de Fruta. Sponge cake, custard layer, fruits and gelo are what you need. – Normally, colorless gelatine would do, but red makes it all the more attractive. – My first fond memories of this treat were days spend with my  fave Ninang, she loves Read More

Square – Lasang Pinoy Sundays

For this week, we were given the theme ‘square,’ so I guess the croutons from my previous post would do 😛 — Above, is actually the waffle maker that I sometimes use for toast bread 🙂 Especially when I do not know where hubby placed the bread toaster lol. If time permits I would fry Read More

Nilaga (again) – Food Friday

These are the ingredients I normally prepare for nilaga, spiced with fish sauce and peppercorns.  There’s beef, marrow bones, carrots, potatoes, chinese cabbage and a little parsley. The beef needs to be tender, so they are the first to go along with the bone, this makes for a really yummy stew. What would happen if Read More

Red Radish Salad (Ruby Tuesday)

I was never a fan of radishes, the daikon (japanese, white variety) that is but I like the red small ones because they taste sweeter like turnips in a way. If not munching on them, red radishes are pretty food ornaments when cut out as flowers. I found this radish salad by Rachael Ray, would Read More

Lasang Pinoy Sundays – Maus’ Kitchen

If I remember correctly, our kitchen is exactly 5 years old this month. We transferred around December 2004 in this apartment and had the kitchen planned and ordered immediately from Kika, yet it took 3 months pa before I could cook something decent. I only used the electric stove …this room was in total chaos Read More

Ruby Tuesday – Strawberry nutty cake

I bought this cake just to try it out, I was curious with how strawberries combined with nuts…this is a very small serving…by small,  can only be shared by two…in this case by me and the little boy. Anyway, strawberry jam in between soft cake coated with nuts and whipped cream = 99% happiness! 😉 Read More

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